About Us

Pet-A-Walker is made up of my bestest friends Lincoln, and Kate.

Pet-A-Walker started before I was even born, but I’ve been walking with them since I was 12 weeks old, I’m two now! The company was made in 2011, and I joined the family in 2016. My mummy decided it was important that when she was busy, I didn’t miss out on socialization, that’s why she chose Pet-A-Walker. I LOVE going to the doggy house, and seeing all my friends on daycare and on holidays. Kate, and Lincoln are amazing and always make sure I have the most fun possible. Lincoln likes to play tug-of-war and Kate loves to have cuddles.

When its time for walkies, I get picked up from my house, and we go to the park and I get to see all my friends and run around with them off-lead. Every week we go to a different park, and I get to explore lots of new smells. My human friends Lincoln/Kate have helped me control my excitement because when I was a puppy and I saw new doggies in the park, I simply had to play! But they have taught me to say hello first, and wait to see if the other pooch is up for a game.

At Pet-A-Walker I have been given the chance to have friends of all sizes, from a big husky, to a tiny toy poodle, I’ve learned how to adjust my play for each size. I would love to make some more amazing friends, so if you think you’re ready for walkies and new friends contact Pet-A-Walker!




Email: Petawalkerclients@gmail.com